Spare parts supply

Spare parts supply

Spare parts supply

MJS Management & Logistics Intl. is a supplier of genuine spare parts for all types of marine equipment. We provide a range of services in the fields of ship equipment and spare parts trade.

With us, you can receive trouble-free supply of technical spares just through single contact. Shipping business is non-stop and running all the time. Every second is operating cost, thus delivery time as well as price are the first priority to be concerned.

Our various ranges of quality products can be supplied as customer needs with satisfaction. We have worldwide delivery from our spare parts center or directly from the country of origin.

Among our customers you will find ship-owners, ship repair companies, trade companies and others operating on field of ship building and ship equipment. Thanks to the consolidation and good relations with worldwide producers and distributors, we are a really a good partner of all those who need spare parts of good quality at very competitive prices.

MJS Management & Logistics Intl. has good experience not to disappoint Ship Owners. Our main goal is to supply good quality in short time just to keep your vessels running.

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