Crew management

Crew management

Crew management

Full & partial crew management. Some of our clients have 60 – 100% of crew, sourced/managed by our company. Our seamen recurrence rate is at 80% right now and we are making everything possible, to increase it.

If you plan to buy a vessel, or want to change your crewing agents, please keep our company at the forefront of your thoughts. We can offer various options for crew management, inclusive, but not limited to:

  • planning and arranging crew changes;
  • arranging flights, visas and accommodation;
  • crew insurance at sea and on leave;
  • working gear;
  • payroll services.

 We can also offer various solutions for cutting your crewing-related costs by up to 30%.
As one of the leading ship management companies in Ukraine, we need to continually innovate to stay ahead of the curve. And not just innovating our ships, but also exploring new and effective ways of crew management - a result that is perhaps most prominently reflected in our state-of-the-art crewing module. 

Stored within the PARIS solution, profiles of all our 10,000 seafarers are readily available to users. Locating a good fit between available skill sets and special needs of a ship has never been made easier.

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