Professional consulting, expert support, prompt response, and high degree of responsibility are crucial aspects of MJS Management & Logistics Intl. activities, which are based on the double team partnership principle.

We offer consultations on foreign economic activities, assistance in customs clearance, “technical” import and export services, freight / cargo insurance, and an analytical approach.

As a recognized expert in complex logistics, customs clearance and foreign economic activities, our company participates in many international and national conferences and workshops.
Sea transportation is an optimal way to carry cargo, especially in large batches.

Delivery in standard containers ensures high level of cargo protection for our customers at an affordable transportation cost.

Our logistics department offers successful logistics, becoming a responsible partner for every customer.

We  proposes customers to choose the mode of transportation most convenient for them: in standard 20 ft and 40 ft containers of all types (FCL – Full Container Load), in sectional containers (LCL – Less-than-Container Load), as well as chartering of all types of vessels (Cargo Vessel Charter) for shipments of any size and weight.

Main characteristics of sea container transportations

International sea transport with delivery to Ukraine includes the following stages:

  • development and calculation of the optimal route for the transport of goods calculation of the cost of transportation of the container by sea directly to the customer’s warehouse;
  • selection of the required type of container for the carriage of goods by sea;
  • supplying the container with the goods to the storage room for subsequent loading;
  • delivery of cargo to the port of departure (Odessa, Yuzhnyy, Chernomorsk);
  • the customs clearance of the cargo container at the port of departure;
  • loading of containers in the port; transshipment of containers after arrival at the port of destination;
  • unloading of goods in Ukraine at the port of destination;
  • customs clearance of cargo in the mode of import, transit, export; transportation of goods from the port to the warehouse of the recipient company at the address specified by the client;
  • unloading of cargo in the consignee’s warehouse;
  • return of the released container to the port on the company’s transport.

Prices for international freight forwarding to Ukraine

Calculate the cost of sea transportation, you can considering the following factors:

  • the cost of land transportation of goods at the port of departure;
  • customs clearance of accompanying documentation and loading of the container on board the ship; the cost of sea freight;
  • unloading of expedited goods and their customs clearance in the country of destination;
  • selection of vehicles for delivery to the warehouse of the customer (car or rail).

Services for additional support of sea container transportation

Freight forwarding MJS Management & Logistics Int. provides additional services for maritime transport in Odessa, and other regions of Ukraine:

  • connection of cargo insurance services from the loading warehouse along the whole journey;
  • customs clearance of the imported goods;
  • consulting support on key aspects of foreign economic activity;
  • conducting customs inspections;
  • logistics in the warehouse;
  • survey services;
  • assistance in finding reliable trading partners;
  • preparation and carrying out of purchases.

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